Kitchen Design & Installation

Your kitchen is a space with hidden potential, and this potential has the power transform this familiar part of your home into something truly exceptional. Our expert kitchen design and installation can bring out and introduce the qualities and features that will give your home the kitchen it deserves.


Elegantly designed living spaces, from concept through to completion.

A kitchen is more than a functional work area, where you prepare and cook meals. Obviously, these are hugely important things that go on there, but a kitchen is also a social space.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen or passes through it. It is like the equivalent of a busy station combined with a self-service restaurant and lounging area.

People use their kitchens to do so much more than cooking.

How does this translate to kitchen design and installation in Solihull?

Our approach is to combine attention to detail with an overall concept for your kitchen, to make your kitchen the best kitchen in Solihull.

Your kitchen is for living in, and that means it must work for you and fit in with the essential character of your home.

We will design a space that will open your eyes to the hidden potential of your new kitchen space. This includes paying attention to detail where we add those all-important personal touches, which include designs to help you create your own bespoke space.

Our Solihull-based designers use their creative skills and their ability to provide a specialist service to our customers.

At RG we pride ourselves on providing a personal service, using high quality products and being innovative through home design.

To start your new project today, just give us a call, and we can get someone out to discuss your requirements and take you through everything you need to know to get started.

The Power of the Personal in Kitchen Design

Paying attention to detail means adding those all-important personal touches that put your signature on your kitchen.

We all know what a kitchen is, but each of us adapts this space to suit the needs of a particular household.

Therefore, each kitchen design is, in its own way, bespoke. It must reflect the needs, likes and tastes of the people who use it.

The creative skills of our design team will help you unlock the potential of your personal kitchen space

What can RG offer to our Solihull customers?

  • Contemporary or traditional finishes
  • Small spaces, to large open plan areas
  • Solid, long lasting builds
  • Expert customer service
  • All work projected managed and fully guaranteed
Modern light Simplistic Kitchen With Island
Victorian Black Styled Oven Inside Alcove
Minerva finished kitchen with dark units and black finished bar chairs
Fantastic Finance

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Make your kitchen perfectly personal

We source and fit the highest quality range of materials and finishes for all of our new kitchens, we have included some examples of what we can offer below, if you would like to see more please get in touch with the RG team today.

Solid Surfaces

Quartz, Maia, Minerva

Quartz Solid Surfaces
Maia Solid Surfaces
Minerva Solid Surfaces


Postformed Laminate

Brown Timber
Beige Timber
Light Timber
Soft Sheen Postformed Laminate
Matt Postformed Laminate
Dark Textured Postformed Laminate



Modern Handle 3
Modern Handle 2
Modern Handle
Small Circular Under Cabinet Lights
Triangle Modern Kitchen Light
White Modern Kitchen Light